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Electrodes MONOLITH designed for manual metal arc welding by direct or alternating current of general and high-duty constructions from carbon and mild steel.

The surfacing - 8,0-9,0 g/ Consumption of electrodes per 1 kg of weld metal - 1.7 kg. Electrodes with a diameter of 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm for welding in all positions except vertical "top-down" and a diameter of 5.0 mm - for the lower, horizontal to the vertical plane and the vertical mode "bottom-up".


Chemical constitution of weld metal %:

Mn C Si P S
0,40 - 0,65 Max. 0,11 Max.0,15 - 0,45 Max.0,035 Max.0,030

Mechanical characteristics of seal metal:

Тensile strenght, N/mm² Elongation, % Impact strenght, J/сm²
510-610 ≥22,0 ≥78

Special characteristics:

Electrodes conduct welding in adverse terms for the other makes of electrodes. The gas bubble arise around arc, which displaces water and provides favorable conditions for the welding process, which makes it possible to weld the damaged water pipes under pressure of 1 atm.


Electrodes MONOLITH ensure easy starting and re-ignition. Characterized by calm and stable arc, small spray, easy separation of slag, forming an excellent seam, especially for welding steel and steel structures subject to static and dynamic loads, welding tanks and pipelines where needed to ensure high mechanical properties of seams.


Welding conditions:

h of the welding current (А), for the electrode diameter (mm)
2,5 3,0 4,0 5,0
50-100 60-120 120-190 240
Welding perform direct current any polarity (recommended return "+" on the electrode or varying current from the transformer circuit voltage of at least 50 V.)


Packing data:

Diameter, mm Length, mm Number of electrodes in a pack, items Pack weight, kg
2,50  350  49-51 1
123-127 2,5
3,00  350 33-34 1
83-88 2,5
4,0 450 76-78 5
5,0 450 56 5


Producer Electrode brand
ESAB OK 43.32
Oerlikon Overcord S, Fincord
Lincoln Electric MGM-50K
Electrodes do not require calcination before welding under normal conditions of storage, in the event of wetting-drying before welding: 110 ± 5 ° C 60 min.


Welding positions according EN 287:

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