Product details

Basic E7018 electrodes, coated with a thick layer, for welding carbon steels with 0.35% C max and low alloy steels with Mn and Si. These electrodes are used for arc welding of metal constructions that are highly affected statically and dynamically and are used up to -30°C temperatures, spawning an uniform string, free of porosity. The arc is stable, melting results in low splashing drops. The drops solidifies quickly and is easily removed after cooling.

Electrodes diameter(mm) Rod length (mm) Packing mode /kg/cutie)
2,5 300/350 2,5/5
3,2 350/400 2,5/5
4 400/450 5
5 400/450 5

Welding positions

Welding on direct current of any polarity or alternating current from a transformer with voltage of idling not less 50 V.
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