Product details

Galvanized steel wire ropes, very flexible, made of 6 strands, with a central fiber core. The strands are produced by stranding a group of roping wires around a fiber core. The fiber may be: Textile, Vegetal or Polypropylene.
For this kind of rope there is no guarantee for the uniformity of the tensile strength between the component wires. Thus, there is no guarantee for the minimum tensile strength of rope.
Considering this, there is prohibited to use this rope for industrial purposes such as lifting or traction.
Because of the high flexibility and the percentage of textile fiber contained in the rope, this has a high elongation grade.
The usual delivery of the ropes is in coils of 50 or 100 meter length. You can find them in department stores put on wire spools, all on metal frames with Cotraco mark.
For specific orders we can deliver also other lengths than usual ones.

Technical details

mm kg/m kgf
3 0,023 327
4 0,040 582
5 0,058 909
6 0,092 1417
8 0,165 2039
10 0,235 2753
12 0,360 5036
(*) just for information, not guaranteed

Application Areas

Sustaining , anchorage, mooring rope
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