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lectrodes UONI -13/55 Plasma designed for welding of high-duty constructions and pipelines made of carbon and low alloy steel with tensile strength from 500 MPa to 640 MPa, especially if high hot cracks resistance of welding joints is needed. Are widely used in bridge building, shipbuilding, ship repairing and pressure vessels production. Electrodes can weld in all positions.

Deposition rate factor – 10,5-11,5 g/А.hr. Expense of electrodes for 1 kg of deposited weld metal is 1,58 kg. Nominal capacity to 115%. Electrodes with diameter range from 2 mm to 4 mm designed for welding in all positions except vertical down, 5 mm diameter electrodes – for horizontal flat, horizontal down hand, transverse and vertical up positions.


Chemical constitution of weld metal %:

Mn C Si P S
1,10-1,50 Max. 0,09 0,40-0,70 Max.0,030 Max.0,020

Mechanical characteristics of seal metal:

Тensile strenght, N/mm² Elongation, % Impact strenght, J/сm²
500 – 640 ≥26,0 ≥180

Special characteristics:

Electrodes UONI -13/55 Plasma mark out of high durability, especially metallurgical cleanness and low hydrogen content in the metal bead. Possibility to weld on an alternating current eliminates the magnetic blowing. Magnetic blowing causes sharp spatter increasing, low welding bead quality; because of short pieces welding, that is required in this case, causes reducing of the productivity. Addition of iron powder to the electrode coating increase the efficiency of UONI -13/55 Plasma, herewith:
- spatter and burning losses of metal are compensated;
- expense of electrode has been reduced on 10-15 %;
- productivity of welding has been increased on 8-10 %.
- slag does not flow into the weld pool formed flat seam, and the resulting slag is very easily removed.

Electrozii umezi pot fi reconditionati prin uscare timp de o ora la temperatura de 300-350°С.


Packing data:

Diameter, mm Length, mm Number of electrodes in a pack, pcs. Weight packs, kg
2,5 350 104-113 2,5
208-226 5
3,0  350 74-81 2,5
147-158 5
 3,5  350 68-71 1
136-142 2,5
4,00 450 71-74 5
5,00 450 47-50 5


Producers Electrode classification
ESAB OK 48.00, OK 48.05
Lincoln Electric Basic One
At standard keeping conditions don’t require baking before welding. In case of dampening the backing should be 110±10°C for 25-30 minutes.


Welding positions according EN 287:

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