Product details

Snow chains are made of grade 3 chains according to DIN 766, by welding the elements at speciffic dimensions, so that they will correspond to the sizes of the mentioned tires.
One snow chain contain at least 10 high quality steel shoes, so slipage between the tire and the road surface is much reduced.
Each shoe contain 4 grooves, these does not allow tractors to skid on ice portions.
These chains are delivered in pieces; for equiping a forestry tractor, two pieces are needed.
For a better grip to off-road (including forrest roads), we recommend using tire chains for the entire year, to avoid becoming stuck in muddy ground. Driving with the tire chains equipped on public roads is not recommended; in contact with hard surfaces the chains can tear or wear out prematurely.

Technical details

TIP Total length L1 Sector chain type Width L2 Number of shoes
[mm] w x p [mm] [mm] [pcs]
forestry tractor 3045 11x40 820 10
forestry tractor 3045 11x40 820 13
forestry tractor 3045 14x50 820 10
Tractor 3800 11x40 686 11
Tractor 3800 11x40 686 15

Application areas

Forestry, generally off-road
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