Product details

The wire rope suspensions are manufactured according to the EN 13414-1 standard, or, if requested in order, according to STAS 8057 / DIN 3088; made of wire ropes with the constructions 6x19, 6x37 or 6x36 WS with vegetal or metal core, by forming eyes at the ends.
The eyes can be made by pressing a duraluminium sleeve (muff), or by braiding (splicing).
The 2-leg lifting device is made of a weldless master link  in which are mounted two wire rope slings with thimbles at ends
At the free end of the slings, a hook is mounted. The size of the devices is measured by the diameter of the wire rope from which it is manufactured (or lift of the device) and by the length of the device measured between the contact points with the exterior elements (sustaining element and sustained element), on the length of one leg of the device. Bellow, the characteristics of the slings executed by pressing a sleeve are presented, made of wire ropes with vegetal core


Technical details

 Lift  Lift  Wire rope diameter
 0-45º  45-60º
 [kgf]  [kgf]  [mm]
950 700  8
1500 1050  10
2120 1550  12
3000 2120  14
3850 2700  16
4800 3400  18
6000 4350  20
7200 5200  22
8800 6300  24
10000 7200  26
11800 8400  28
15000 11000  32
19000 14000  36
23500 17000  40
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