We operate in a community guarded by respect and good applying of the law, and in which our clients are always satisfied by the quality of our products and services. These are the result of respect within the team, of each individual and of the fact that we are respectful, balanced partners of the community and the environment.

1. Quality in everything we do.
2. Solid partnerships based on respect.
3. Building a team by valorizing each employee.

Our target is to be recognized both in Romania and in Eastern Europe as a business partner, responsible for selling products for traction, lifting, anchoring and fastening. We want our partners – clients, distributors and employees – to choose us for the quality of our products and services and for a relationship based on transparency and respect.

In the following 10 years, we want to become one of the main producers and distributors of products and services that will represent a high standard do quality and safety, manufactured in conditions that respect and anticipate constantly the need to protect the environment. Furthermore, we want to be for our employees and clients a family, based on mutual and individual respect.

1. Winning fidelity of our clients and suppliers using CSR elements of which these are motivated and interested.
2. Better communication of all the aspects regarding social responsibility that already exist in the activity of Cotraco group, to different categories of co-interested stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees, partners).
3. Consolidation of work partnerships, based on mutual respect, offering the possibility to communicate and manage clearly the eventual problems.
4. Professional training in partnerships with local institutions for future employees (20-30 persons).