Product details

The chain lifting devices are made of grade 8 high resistance chains according to DIN EN 818-2
At the ends of the chain, using connecting links, there are mounted accessories such as: weldless master links, clevis sling hooks with latch, eye sling hooks with latch etc. of a similar resistance grade, grade 8.  In case if it is not speciffied otherwise, at the free ends of the chain will be mounted weldless master links, simple or thriple, and clevis hooks.
The identiffication criterias for chain lifting devices are: chain link diameter and length of the device, measured between the contact points with the exterior link elements. It must also be mentioned the number of legs of the device and the number of shorteners (mounted only if client requests)
The chain lifting devices can be provided with chain shorteners on the length of the chain. These, and their number is ordered separately. The chain shorteners are mounted on the device by a connecting link to the weldless master link, and then shortener elements are mounted on the chain every 4-5 links. The shortener elements allow the adjustment of the length of the device.

Unlike the wire rope lifting devices, the chain lifting devices are highly resistant to high temperatures and they do not elongate under load.

Please mention in order details: length of the leg in mm or m, number of legs (mandatory) and number of shorteners (optional)

Technical details

Link diameter Lift 2 legs
b=0-45º b=45-60º
 [mm]  [tones]  [tones]
6 1,60 1,12
8 2,80 2,00
10 4,25 3,15
13 7,50 5,30
16 11,20 8,00
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