Product details

Steel ropes with steel core, combined construction, for forest exploitation.
Due to the way of winding strands and wires,  the wear resistance of rope is much improved, as the contact surface of wires is longer.
The type of core si an Independent steel wire rope.
The wire ropes are produced in a superior tensile class, so the tensile strength of these ropes is higher than for the ropes in normal construction.
These ropes are recommended in situations of intense work, having a very good ratio of price / quality and life.

Delivery status bright, slightly greased.

Technical details

Nominal diameter Unit weight Minimum breaking load
1960 N/mm2
 [mm]  [kg/100m]  [kN]
13 69,10 118,0
14 80,20 137,0
15 93,70 162,0
16 105,00 179,0
18 133,00 226,0

Application areas

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