Product details

E6013 rutile coated electrodes are destined for welding metallic constructions made of low alloy steel or steel with low carbon steel. Due to the low restoration of the electric arc , the electrodes can be used for welding in all positions except vertical down position. Electrodes can be used for welding machines with DC or AC. Due to the good stability and negligible leakage of drops a fine and homogeneous weld is obtained. Although the dross has high fluidity, it is never advancing before the electrode. After solidification, it is easily removed. Chemical composition and mechanical properties according to AWS E6013

Technical details

Electrodes diameter(mm) Rod length (mm) Packing mode /kg/cutie)
2,5 300/350 2,5/5
3,2 350/400 2,5/5
4 400/450 5
5 400/450 5

Welding positions

Welding on direct current of any polarity or alternating current from a transformer with voltage of idling not less 50 V.
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